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My Christmas Wishlist

Happy December, everyone! To kick off the month, I have curated a Christmas wishlist for you. In this list you will find my most wanted items of 2016 and affordable alternatives for those of us who are ballin' on a budget. (; I hope that you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you and that you find it useful!


1. Tan Suede Moto Jacket

First, we have the famous tan suede moto jacket. This gorgeous jacket has been all over my Instagram feed throughout the fall, and I believe it will stick around for the winter. It's so sleek and adds a touch of edge to any outfit. The suede makes it look extremely feminine, and I am just obsessed with it! The one of the left can be found here and retails for $188. Ouch, right? But don't fear, because the crazy dupe finder lady is here! I found a very similar one that has a slightly more red undertone here. This one is only a fraction of the cost at $44. Much better! Nonetheless, these babies look like fraternal twins, and give that same feminine edge to your outfit.

2. Black Sock Booties

Here's another hot item for y'all. The sock booties have been such a craze this year, and I'm not complaining. Instead of having a shorter shaft, booties have transformed into longer more sleek items. I love that these ones go past the ankle, because they make your legs look so much longer! Being 4'11'' this is a huge plus for me. The Steve Madden Edit Boots are to die for, and I was on the verge of purchasing them, but then I came across an extremely similar pair at Charlotte Russe that is half the price! That's right. Now you can buy two pairs of booties for the same price of one! The Steve Madden ones can be found here and the dupes are here. Just a tip for you guys: NEVER EVER EVER buy anything from Charlotte Russe if it is marked as original price. Go to their website and look at what sales they are having that day. The best day to buy shoes from them is on Tuesday, which is when they are usually $25! Now you can buy three pairs of shoes instead of one!

3. Cleansing Brush

The Clarisonic, found here, has been on my wishlist for many years now, but I just can't seem to justify spending so much money on it. Not only is the device itself expensive, but you have to purchase replacement brush heads often, too. Although, I am still leaning towards the Clarisonic because of all of the great things that are said about it, the Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin, found here, seems like a great alternative! If you do go this route, don't forget to use the 70% discount code KRT0795BHYFI, which brings the price down to $30! Now, I can't exactly do a review of the two because I do not own them, but I can give you an overview of what they each come with:

The Clarison Mia 2 includes:

Sensitive Brush Head

Protective Travel Case

Sample Size Cleanser (1oz.)

Universal Voltage Charger

The Spin for Perfect Skin includes:

Battery Powered, Spin for Perfect Skin Single-Speed, Water-Resistant Handle

Daily Cleansing Facial Brush

Exfoliating Facial Brush

Body Brush

Pumice Stone

4. Large Grey Tote

Last, but definitely not least we have the grey tote. Now, these are both pricey and way over my $25-$50 range, but bags are something I am okay with splurging on. These are both beautiful and I honestly don't think you could go wrong with either one. The top left one is the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote in the color "French Grey", which can be found here. The second bag is $100 less than the Tory Burch option, but is still very elegant and is great quality. That one is the Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Tote in the color "Stone Ice" found here. I'm sure either of these would make any girl happy!


As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. It was so fun making a wishlist and finding affordable alternatives for you guys! My Christmas shopping has already begun, and I hope that you guys have as much fun as I am having! Happy December! I will talk to you soon. <3

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