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San Antonio Recap

Hey, Loves!

I was able to visit San Antonio for the first time in awhile, so I wanted to come on here and give y'all all of the details on my trip and must-visit places in the city.

My boyfriend, Justin, and I really wanted to go on a trip, and all we could really afford was a road trip. So, we did exactly that! We packed our bags for a night in San Antonio, TX. If you live in Houston, this is a short 3.5 hour drive, and if you visit during the Spring, you'll catch a glimpse of the amazing blue bonnets on the road!

We decided to stay near the River Walk, and we became obsessed with the Drury Plaza Hotel. The interior design is simply amazing and they have great amenities such as breakfast, 3 drinks per guest, and snacks included in your stay. You also get an amazing view to the St. Fernando Cathedral, which was having an amazing laser show while we were there. There are 2 pools, one indoor and one on the rooftop (which had an AMAZING view) and for those of you who want to relax, there were also 2 jacuzzis. It was also great staying right on the River Walk, so we were able to walk around there without having to travel far from our room.

I recommend doing some research on sight seeing and cool restaurants before heading over, and that is how we were able to make the most of our one-night trip. Listed below are some of the amazing places that we were able to visit:

1. The River Walk

2. Ostra on the River Walk

3. Justin's Ice Cream Company on the River Walk

4. St. Fernando Cathedral

5. The Rustic

6. The Historic Pearl

7. Lorraine Bakery

8. The Vintage Bouquet Bar

8. The Alamo

9. Ocho at the Havana Hotel

10. The Market Square

San Antonio Riverwalk
San Antonio River Walk
Ostra on the River Walk
Justin's Ice Cream Company on the River Walk
St. Fernando Cathedral
The Rustic
Lorraine Bakery
Vintage Bouquet Bar
Flowers from Vintage Bouquet Bar
The Alamo
Ocho at the Havana Hotel
Ocho at the Havana Hotel
Ocho at the Havana Hotel
The Market Square
The Market Square

I would love to see your pictures of any of the places you've visited in San Antonio, and let me know if you end up visiting any of the places I've listed above by tagging me on Instagram!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my blog! It really means so much!



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