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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey, Loves!

I don't know about y'all, but I have the hardest time thinking of gift ideas for my mom... Especially on Mother's Day! This is the time where you've got to show her you appreciate her, and what gift is ever good enough?! I wanted to share some gift ideas that any mom would love! Just remember that materialistic things don't matter in the end. Show your momma that you love and appreciate her EVERY DAY. Do something simple like send her a good morning text, or wash the dishes even after a long day of work or class. If you don't live with your mom, send her a letter with reasons you love her. Trust me, these are way better than any of the things I'm going to share with y'all, but it doesn't hurt to pamper her with something a little extra, too!

For the mom who is always working:

Sometimes our moms get so caught up with work, they never get a chance to pamper themselves. Get your hard-working mom a spa day and join her! Have her take a day off of work, and spoil her endlessly. It's her day!

For the mom who is always worried about you:

This mom is always the sweet one. Frame your favorite photo of the both of you together, or of the entire family. It will be a nice reminder to her that she will always keep your family safe. Even when you may be away.

For the mom who loves to shop:

My mom is a Marshall's fanatic... that may even be an understatement. She basically spends more time there than at home! So, if your mom is anything like mine, she'd love and appreciate if you got her a gift card to her favorite store. Whatever she buys using that gift card will always remind her of you.

For the mom who is an avid reader:

Get your bookworm momma a book, or a series of books! Whether it be all the Nicolas Sparks books, or the Twilight saga, your mom will love having several books she can read. It will be fun for her to continue to reach for the next book rather than finishing one and not knowing what to move on to next.

For the mom who loves to cook for everyone:

As much as my mom loves to eat out, it really brings me joy to see her happy to cook for my family. It amazes me that someone could genuinely enjoy cooking. I hate it! LOL. But, if your mom shows her love for you by cooking to your heart, gift her that pot and pan set that she's been eyeing forever. I promise it'll be like Christmas all over again.

I've added some other gift ideas for y'all in case you're still having a hard time choosing. These are guaranteed to put a smile on any mom's face! Don't forget to squeeze your mom tight on her big day. Simply click on any image to shop. As much as they may nag us, remember that they are the only ones who truly want the very best for us. If you're a mom reading this, Happy Mother's Day!! You are truly appreciated and loved!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.



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