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Express'n My Way to Fall

Hey, loves!

I am finally back after a much-needed hiatus. A lot has happened since my last blog post, and I honestly don't know how I went this long without sitting down and checking in with you guys. On the bright side, if you haven't noticed, I've been on a roll with posting on the 'gram. I was in kind of a funk the past couple of weeks because I'm not 100% satisfied with my blog name and the general theme of my page. Isn't is so funny that themes and blog names are what people stress about nowadays? LOL. I'll survive, don't worry.

top: similar | jeans: similar | earrings: pink swan shop | shoes: target | bag: tory burch | belt: amazon

Moving away from that rant, I wanted to come back strong with a fun outfit that my friend, Hifsy, was so generous to shoot for me. I love being able to work with photographers in the Houston area. It is so much fun being able to meet new people and getting a glimpse of the different ways different photographers capture looks and moods. You can find Hifsy's photography instagram here.

If you follow me on the 'gram (which you totally should), then you'd already know that I have partnered up with Express Factory Outlets for this outfit. I made a trip out to the nearest outlet mall and had a blast choosing an outfit to share. I ended up buying way more pieces than I really needed, but their deals are just awesome! The good news is I spent under $150 for 3 outfits, and you can save $$$, too by using the code 4997 at checkout to save 20% when you spend $125+ in-store.

I chose this super easy and comfy outfit, because I'm all about dressing up the basics. I for sure wanted to be able to re-wear the items I chose, so I thought this off the shoulder ruffle top was the best choice. It is sooooo soft and Houston heat approved for the next couple of months. Let's talk about these jeans. SO GOOD!! I love me a good pair of high waisted stretchy denim. They hide the unwanted pooch, but are stretchy enough to eat all you want and the best part is that they make the boot-ay look good. SCORE!

Don't forget to shop at your local #ExpressOutletFactory and use the code 4997 to save some bucks on your new fall wardrobe. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog posts. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.



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