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Best Jeans Ever

Best Jeans Ever!

I feel like this post is way long overdue, but I wanted to finally come on here and share my most-worn, favorites jeans ever. Jeans can be super hard to find, especially if you're short and curvy like I am. I've tried so many brands, affordable and on the pricier side, but none ever fit me as good as my trusty American Eagle jeans. I have one pair that are super high waisted and wear pretty much every other day, but I do have several others from them that I keep reaching for. So, in conclusion, American Eagle is your friend if you have a similar body type as me. For reference, I am 4'11" and weigh 130 pounds and wear a 26 or 2 short.

I hope that you guys found this post helpful! Let me know where your favorite pairs of jeans are from <3



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