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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

Hi, Cuties!

If you're a shopaholic like I am, then you are aware that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is only a few days away, and depending on your cardholder status, you are able to start shopping soon! I wanted to put together some information to help you get ready for the upcoming sale and try to make it as smooth as possible for you. In this blog post you will find some of my favorite finds from last year to get you inspired, important dates, tips, as well as a fun surprise!

Last Year's Finds

Important Dates

Cardholder Status

Tips for shopping

This year will be a little different from previous years. In the past, there would be a preview of items on sale available to those at the top of the status tier. Lucky for us, Nordstrom is changing it up and letting everyone get a glimpse of the sale before it actually opens up. This would be a great time to go through the items and start keeping things you really want in mind. I always go in thinking about what I need the most, what I used the most the previous years, and to be completely honest I am a sucker for shoes, so I always get sucked into getting them regardless if I need them. Oops haha. If you have a friend who gets to shop the sale earlier because of their status, I would ask if they mind you adding your most wanted items to their cart and arrange a way to pay them back so that you don't miss out. Items do tend to go fast, but try not to worry too much because they usually will restock them once new tiers are able to shop. But do remember, if you are absolutely in love with a piece, buy it just in case and you can always return for free later if it doesn't work out.

Surprise Giveaway

I hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you are looking forward to the sale and what you are more excited to get your hands on!




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