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Lace Up Wonderland

Hi loves,

Today I wanted to share with you my lace up flats collection. By the name of my blog and Instagram handle I am sure that many have figured out my love for lace ups anything. These flats have made their way into my heart and into the name of my blog, so they must be a big deal.

navy blue and maroon: nine west "signmeup" | leopard print: steve madden "eleanorr" | black and nude: charlotte russe "laser cut lace-up flats"

The reason that I love lace up flats so much is because they can pretty much be worn with any outfit. I usually like to pair them with cuffed skinny jeans to add a little oomph to my outfits, but I have recently found them to be super flattering with work outfits, too! They add a little bit of trend to your everyday outfit without looking too crazy and over the top.

You can shop all of these babies using the widget in this post or searching the names of the shoes listed in the description. I tried to find only pairs that are under $50 for you, so I really hope that y'all are able to find a perfect pair.

Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Vannesa

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