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My Nordstrom Sale Purchases

Hey, Cuties!

It is finally Insider Day for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I have been waiting patiently to order some things online. I did get super lucky and coincidentally went to the mall last weekend just to look, and was actually able to pick up a few items while I was there. I wanted to share a few of my personal purchases as well as some outfit ideas for those of you shopping the sale today. If you are not a cardholder, no worries! Public access opens on Wednesday, August 19th, so you can bookmark this blog post to refer back to or start adding items to your wishlist for next week.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Hopefully this makes it super easy to shop the sale before even more items sell out. Let me know what is your favorite outfit and what you are most excited to shop for!




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