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March Top 5

Hey Cuties,

So, I thought I would start a series on the blog featuring the top 5 selling items of every month. At the end of each month I will round out all of you guys' favorite products that I posted on my Instagram feed so that it can all be found in one place! I really hope that y'all enjoy this and get some ideas on what to purchase next.

#1 - Off the Shoulder Top

This one is so fitting for the season! There are so many ways to wear this top and I love that it is super breezy for the hotter days. Dress it up, dress it down, the possibilities are endless.

#2 - Dolce Vita Wedges

These babies are my current favorites! You can probably tell by how many times I've posted these that I am literally obsessed. They are so comfy, true to size, and affordable compared to the other wedges floating around out there. If you buy any shoes this season, definitely make it these.

#3 - Leopard Flatforms

These are another one of my favorites, because they really make a huge difference with whatever outfit you're wearing. Not only are they super fun and trendy, they are also the comfiest! I love how "in" espadrilles and platform shoes are at the moment, because it just goes to show us ladies are all about looking cute while being COMFORTABLE!

#4 - Louis "Fuitton" Neverfull Bag

This one was no surprise. I mean, I know I'm broke, but that ain't stopping me from rocking a "Louis"... Hey, there's no judgement here and if you can look the part without spending your entire life savings, I am all for it, girl!

#5 - David Yurman Bracelet Look-Alike

Another no brainer. For sure, this has got to be my most worn accessory. I am wearing it as I type this, and I'm thinking of ordering 10 more to last me my entire lifetime LOL. It's just one of those pieces that you know will be by your side for a veryyyy long time. Thank you, Amazon, for all of the amazing look alikes you've been blessing us with!

Alright, y'all. Those are the top 5 products that you guys seem to love the most from my stories and posts on the 'gram. If you are not already following me, you definitely should! I do try-on hauls, affordable options, and post daily outfit inspo. I hope that you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you!



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