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White Tee 8 Ways

Hi, cuties!

I asked y'all on stories what piece you would like to see me style several different ways and white tee was the most popular answer! I thought this was a great idea, because it allows you to dress up your tee in different ways. It's a lot of fun to get creative with your outfits, and I love that you can use your white tee in so many ways. Time to stop associating the white tee as a super casual piece to only wear with leggings, and start elevating your style with pieces you already have in your closet.

Idea #1

Idea #2

Idea #3

Idea #4

Idea #5

Idea #6

Idea #7

Idea #8

I hope you guys were able to grab some inspiration from these ideas! Let me know which is your favorite <3



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