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Will You Be My Valentine?

Hey, Loves!

Valentine's is right around the corner, and I need all of y'all to be my valentines, please!! haha. But on a serious note, I'm super excited to share some of my favorite pieces from Shein that are PERFECT for Valentine's Day festivities. Yes, I totally included some PJ's bc let's be honest, I'll probably be at home trying to study for an exam hoping I miraculously pass. College... Best years of your life they said... LIES. Ok, before I go on a tangent, below are the amazing and super affordable that you'd all look super cute in this Valentine's! Simply click on the photo or the link below it to see it up close and personal, and to shop!

From top to bottom:

I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post! I had so much fun browsing through the Shein website, and finding pieces that I think you'd all rock. Red is totally out of my comfort zone, but I said I'd try new things this year, so here's one! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and I'd love to see if you purchased any of these items and how you styled them! Tag me on Insta, girl. I wanna see!!

Btw, I thought I'd also say this... This Valentine's Day, I challenge you to treat yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be something that costs a fortune, but schedule yourself a message or go get drinks and dessert with your girlfriends! Valentine's Day isn't always about all the ooey gooey romantic stuff. It's also a day for you to take some time to pamper yourself, and take a step back to have some time to yourself! You are you best lover! <3

Thank y'all so much for taking the time to read this post! Let me know what else you'd like to read about! Happy Valentine's Day, cuties!



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